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Before there was a pharmacy on every corner or a gourmet shop in every town, there was Watkins. Starting back in 1868, we purveyed the only health "remedies" that came with a money-back guarantee. That guarantee still remains, along with a reputation for using only the finest natural ingredients.

While we're most famous for our award-winning Vanilla and spices, today we offer a complete line of gourmet specialty foods, botanical personal-and home-care products, elegant gift baskets and -- of course -- tried and true medicinals.

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Item# 01008 Original Double-Strength Vanilla (11oz)$US 13.99

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Watkins Vanilla is made from the world's finest Madagascar Bourbon vanilla beans--brewed using the process we perfected over the course of a century. Our blending of ingredients makes the flavor bake-proof and freeze-proof as well as double-strength.

Laurie Espelien

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# 336577